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Brazil Butt Lift Workout Schedule

 Brazil Butt Lift Workout Schedule

Below you will find the workout schedules for the home fitness workout called Brazil Butt Lift . This workout program has four different schedules to choose from depending on your body type and the results you are seeking.

I have all four Brazil Butt Lift schedules all prewritten and set up on the printable calendars below. Simply click on the image that you like below to view in PDF format that you can easily download and print onto any home printer.

Prewritten Calendars For

Brazil Butt Lift Classic Schedule

Black Diamond Brazil Classic     Diamond Brazil Classic

Baby Blue Brazil Classic     Yellow Brazil Classic

Black & White Brazil Classic     White & Black Brazil Classic

Concrete Brazil Classic     Brick Brazil Classic

Field Brazil Classic     Gym Floor Brazil Classic

Pretty Pink Brazil Classic     Beach Brazil Classic

Prewritten Calendars For

Brazil Butt Lift Slim & Lift Schedule

Black Diamond Slim & Lift     Diamond Slim & Lift

Baby Blue Slim & Lift     Yellow Slim & Lift

Black & White Slim & Lift     White & Black Slim & Lift

Concrete Slim & Lift     Brick Slim & Lift

Field Slim & Lift     Gym Floor Slim & Lift

Pretty Pink Brazil Lift & Slim     Beach Slim & Lift

Prewritten Calendars For

Brazil Butt Lift Slim & Shape Schedule

Black Diamond Slim & Shape     Diamond Slim & Shape

Baby Blue Slim & Shape     Yellow Slim & Shape

Black & White Slim & Shape     White & Black Slim & Shape

Concrete Slim & Shape     Brick Slim & Shape

Field Slim & Shape     Gym Floor Slim & Shape

Brazil Slim & Shape     Beach Slim & Shape

Prewritten Calendars For

Brazil Butt Lift Lift & Shape Schedule


Brazil Lift & Shape Baby Blue     Yellow Lift & Shape

Black & White Lift & Shape     White & Black Lift & Shape

Concrete Lift & Shape     Brick Lift & Shape

Field Lift & Shape     Gym Floor Lift & Shape

Pretty Pink Lift & Shape     Beach Lift & Shape

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