30 Day Workout Calendar


Working out and keeping fit requires planing, scheduling, and following through on commitments.

Stay motivatedkeep on track and write down your goals on your very own and unique dry erase workout calendar. Unique design also allows you to hold and display your workout DVDs. Place the workout DVD you have scheduled do today and the DVD you have scheduled tomorrow!

Show your level of commitment by pining up your goals, workout schedule, and workout DVDs onto your wall.

Choose from three designs and colors. (Even more cool new designs coming soon!) Choose the design that best fits your personality!

Each design is a beautiful 13×19 in size and completely dry erase so you can use and reuse as many times as you’d like!

Choose Your Design Below!


Diamond Plate 30 Day Calendar – From the flooring on some gyms to the look of hardcore workout equipment, nothing really says “working out” or “hardcore” like the look of diamond plate steel.  Choose this cool design with the look of real diamond plate.


Brick Wall 30 Day Calendar – If your looking to get into great shape then you’re probably looking to get that lean and defined look. You’re in the process of building up your body like you would a strong, hard, and durable brick wall. Choose the brick wall design that shows just how serious you are about your goals.


Football Field 30 Day Calendar – Whether you’re training to improve your on field performance or trying to unveil the athlete inside of you, nothing inspires like the site of a wide open football field. Choose this Football Field design to remind you of that stretch of field you must go through to reach your goal.


“Each calendar has been created and designed by me personally. You’ll love the way it holds and displays your workout DVDs. I guarantee you’re going to love how it helps to keep you motivated and on track with your workouts. If, for any reason, you don’t love they way it looks I’ll buy it right back from you… no questions asked!”


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